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Attrition Cells are configured to provide the most efficient performance, producing a high shear environment in which particle-on-particle scrubbing scours their surface and liberates deleterious materials. Due to the higher levels of materials passing through the unit too quickly to be fully processed, multiple Attrition Cells are used in series.

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Attrition scrubbing is the process where a mineral is scrubbed primarily by the action of the slurry particles impacting one another. GTEK Attrition Scrubbers, China's top-rank manufacturer over 30 years, best quality and price.

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PHOENIX Attrition Scrubbers deagglomerate raw material and remove surface contaminants from sand and other granular materials. These Attrition Scrubbers feature a compact design, robust construction, high throughputs with efficient slurry mixing, and deliver factory …

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Pumps • Mixers • Engineered Systems & Controls Attrition Scrubbers Attrition scrubbing is the process where a mineral is scrubbed primarily by the action of the slurry particles impacting one another. This type of particle scrubbing achieves the desired “cleaned” particles while minimizing wear on the equipment. Results of scrubbing:

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Attrition Scrubbers. Westpro’s versatile attrition scrubbers provide efficient slurry scrubbing solutions for applications in a variety of industries including mining, frac sands, aggregates and soil remediation. The scrubber tanks and mechanisms are designed to produce intense agitation and deliver superior scrubbing performance.

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The customer purchased four sets of AS2-2 attrition scrubber for producing quartz sand, scrubbing the impurities on the surface of quartz sand, and then be ready to the next step of mineral processing.

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A constant feed of material to the Attrition Scrubbers is necessary for the most efficient attrition possible; the rate of discharge from the Attrition Scrubbers is directly dependent upon the feed to the machine. For the most efficient abrading action, the feed slurry entering the …

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ShearClean attrition cells provide high attrition scrubbing of your fine material to remove unwanted contaminants allowing you to turn your waste material into a saleable product, maximising product yield and ensuring the most efficient exploitation of natural reserves.

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Attrition scrubbing as the second stage of liberation improves the selective liberation of cobalt towards aluminium and copper by 36.6% and 42.6% respectively. There is only a slight increase in the selective liberation efficiency between aluminium and copper by 2.2%.

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Attrition scrubbing as the second stage of liberation improves the selective liberation of cobalt towards aluminium and copper by 36.6% and 42.6% respectively. There is only a slight increase in the selective liberation efficiency between aluminium and copper by 2.2%.

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Multiple attrition scrubber cell units of 4-cell, 6-cell, and 8-cell are available. Click here for the downloadable & printable PDF version of this attrition scrubber brochure Please contact a Westpro representative for further details on attrition scrubbers.

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To that end, attrition scrubbing is investigated and shown capable of producing a concentrate upgraded in indium concentration by a factor of 10 with greater than 90% recovery of indium. The same process leaves the LCD glass cleaned of semiconductor elements that are …

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Brief introduction: Attrition scrubbers are also called attrition cells, which are generally used before or after sand screws in sand washing plant to scrub the surfaces of particulates, break down impurities, and remove it from competent aggregate material to reduce the product turbidity. We design singl and multiple cell attrition scrubber units for different scrubbing requirements of ...

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After treatment in the attrition machine, the slimes formed by scrubbing of surfaces or dispersion of soft particles are readily washed out by other types of treatment units downstream. In designing the machine, the object was to achieve the strongest possible attrition of …

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Attrition scrubbing is not a new concept – it has been used in the glass industry for numerous years to remove surface contaminants. The surface impurities are abraded and thus cleaned as inter-particle collisions take place. aPPlicationS MIP Attrition scrubbers can …

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Most scrubbing action occurs through material-on-material attrition created by the violent agitation of a drum or rotating paddles on a shaft. As the material turns on itself, creating a scrubbing action, the deleterious material is separated and the desirable products are moved to the next part of the wet processing system.

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The attrition scrubbers have two opposed axial flow propellers (100% and 150% pitch) to create a high intensity impact zone between these propellers. Each particle is violently impacted with many other particle surfaces many times before discharge from the vessel. The actual scrubbing time is dependent upon residence time in the attrition scrubber.


Attrition scrubbing must be applied at high solids concentration, i.e. 70-75% solids by weight for good result. Attrition Cells are commonly configured in series to prevent short circuits. All inner surfaces of attrition-scrubbers, propellers and shafts are lined with rubber, highly resistant to abrasion and wear.

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Logwashers, attrition cells and other equipment for the processing of difficult materials in the sand & aggregates, mining and C&D waste recycling sectors

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Scrubbing and Attrition Equipment items is equipment that is used to clean coarse aggregates. Water is added to the equipment and the equipment uses a scrubbing action to break down clays and deleterious materials which are carried off in the overflow water.Scrubbing and Attrition equipment includes the following equipment items:

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Attrition Scrubbing is a process where a mineral is scrubbed by the action of one high speed slurry flow impacting on another. The advantage of this type of attrition is that as it is being provided by two slurry flows there is little wear on the machine itself.

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14/3/2017· De-agglomerate raw materials and remove surface contaminants from sand or other granular materials.


Attrition Scrubber cut-away drawing illustrating the Helix propeller;s high-intensity scrubing. Two-stage scrubbing as practiced in sand-plants, to liberate bituminous or carbonaceous matter and clays in the production of specification sand. Potash crystals where clay must be disintegrated prior to washing, and where removal of slime coatings ...

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Simplex is a single cell Attrition Scrubber arrangement and the Duplex is a dual cell in a single tank Attrition Scrubber arrangement. The Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubber design allows for the add-on of additional scrubber cells to create a scrubber train of as many cells as the process requires.

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The Denver Model D12 Laboratory Flotation Machine is the World Leader in Froth Flotation Laboratory Testing. It has a suspended type flotation mechanism for raising and lowering, includes stainless steel standpipe with air control valve, a variety of differing size tanks, impellers and diffusers, is a complete laboratory flotation and attrition scrubbing testingunit. The mechanism is supported ...

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After attrition scrubbing, the washing efficiency of the original state lead contaminated sand soil in triplicates was 67.61%, 31.71% and 41.01%, respectively, which indicates that attrition scrubbing can remove part of the fine soil and lead contaminants from the surface of sand, to accomplish the purpose of pollutants enrichment.

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attrition-scrubbing, the solid/liquid ratio was fixed at 65% and the pH environment was by nature, without any addition of acid and alkali. Additionally, the temperature was 25 C (room temperature). After attrition-scrubbing, the products were prepared for the second high-intensity magnetic separation.

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PHOENIX Attrition Cell Scrubbers » De ... PHOENIX model AS Attrition Cell Scrubber The PHOENIX Attrition Cell Scrubber deagglomerates raw material and removes surface contaminants from sand and other granular materials. Featuring a compact design, robust ... shear and superior scrubbing. Attrition Cells may be ganged together in flexible ...

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The first is that the attrition-scrubbing samples can uncover more ferrous ions on the newly-produced fresh ilmenite surface, resulting in the increase in active sites. The other is that in the process of attrition-scrubbing, the transformation of ferrous ions to ferric ions can be promoted.